Sanita Duka is performance artist with a background of experimental theatre field. Studied management in the Latvian Academy of Music, philosphy in the University of Latvia, did post graduated studies in the Laboratory of Stage Arts holded by IUGTE. Recently interest focus is drawn to the subject of visual communication and the scene of contemprorary performance art. 

Selected Performances & Productions

“Linked” / duo performance with Ilze Mazpane, 2 x2 h / Bergen, Norway / 2019

“MyShelf" / solo performance, 40 min / Riga, Latvia/ 2019

“Too Dark to be Shy”/ happening-performance, 2 h / Prague, Czech Republic / 2018

“Shoes to Choose”/ duo performance with Ilze Mazpane, 20 min / festival Perform or NOT vol2, Tallinn, Estonia / 2017

“My job’s place”/ Forum Theatre project / 2015

“Breaking the Waves” / educational project for prisoners / 2014

“I also want this”/ theatre project with students of Latvian Academy of Culture / 2013

“[Garden]”/ Forum Theatre project by Interactive Theatre Studio "LAIVA" / 2011

"Internal reflections" / structured improvisation by Laboratory of Stage Arts/ 2009

"Unwell: non-me"/ performance by Laboratory of Stage Art / 2008

M. Pavič "Glass Snail"/ production in the theatre-studio AKA / 2006

"Etude" after A.P. Chekhov's play "Three Sisters" motives / production in the theatre-studio “AKA” / 2005

"We play Shakespeare's Pericle”/ production in the heatre-studio “AKA”/ 2004 The show was nominated for amateur theatre award The Best Productions of the year

"Excile" / by A. Camus's novel "The Stranger" motives, production in the theatre-studio AKA, 2003

A. Upīts "The Mother-in-Law" / production in the theatre-studio AKA / 2001

"Riga - my love" / performance, production in the Children and Youth Centre "Kurzeme", 2000

Selected Festivals & Conferences

Performance Art Bergen festival PAB Open, Bergen, Norway, 2019

Riga Performance Festival “Starptelpa” (Space In-Between) / Riga, Latvia / 2018, 2019

Riga Performance Days / Riga, Latvia / 2017.

12th International Festival of Making Theatre / Athens, Greece / 2016

Research Laboratory "INSIDE". Artistic Directors Modris Tenisons, Viktor Janson / Riga, Latvia / 2005-2006.

International theatre festival "Golden Lion" / Lviv, Ukraine / 2004.

International conference "Commonwealth theatre meeting" / A. Vassiliev's School of Dramatic Art. Moscow, Russia / 2001, 2003

Mediterranean Festival of Youth Theater, Session 2 / Ariana, Tunisia / 2002

International University Theatre Meeting / Liege, Belgium / 2001

International University Student Theatre Forum "Shakespeare 2000"/ Vilnius, Lithuania / 2001

International workshop 'Hotel Europa' within the 6th East European-German Off-Theatre Festival / Potsdam, Germany / 1999