What Do I Do Now

What is action and how does it apperars? What is the question what I have to ask before acting?

Video performance by Sanita Duka 2018, video editing Jānis Dzilna 2018

This videoart work links two equivalent actions – asking qouestion: what do I do now? - filmed in 2001 and in 2018.The first action was part of the video installation "Question" by Hārdijs Lediņš. There where four girls in four monitors asking the same question – what do I do now? One of them was me. This material was combined in videoart work edited by Lauris Vorslavs in 2012. For now 17 years later I was eager to repeat this action asking the question – what do I do now? Is this the same qouestion or it differs? Or may be the main question is – whom I am addressing this question?